How To Read Properties in Spring Application Kotlin TL:DR Play with the code in gitpods! Problem Every application needs a few properties to work with. This can be your database coordinates, some upstream URL you want to hold, and call later, or any other properties that you might like. Value Injection The simplest way of doing this is to use Value injection. There is a twist in Kotlin though, you need to scape the $ otherwise it is not going to work:
GitOps Flow on Gitlab CI There is a new *ops thing every other day. I don’t usually pay much attention to hype, but this one got my interest. The main reason is I had thought of it before I read about it! Background We are using Kubernetes to deploy our applications. To achieve this, after usual compiling and testing steps, we create an image and push it to GCR. After that we have a manual build step to deploy the image.
How to Setup a Multi-Country WooCommerce website Recently we had the opportunity to deeply research a WooCommerce multi country setup. This blog post goes into some details of what it takes to create such a website, what are the pitfalls and approaches. Requirement We were looking at 200K-500K USD sale on the website. The requirement were quite extensive, but the most important of all was multilingual nature of the website.
I was looking for a job for the past few months. The nice thing about tech industry is that the job market is so hot, what if you are in the market, you are swarmed with people who want you! That is a really nice feeling. Feeling of being wanted, talked to and getting attention. Even though, it can get frustrating at times. Most of the people who call you are going to be recruiters, or head hunters as they call them.
Welcome to our new website. It has been a while since we wanted to create a new website, and finally here we are. With our brand new website. It is amazing that how easily you can create a site with all the tools and solutions that is available for free. The cost of ownership of a website has gone down significantly. We will see what is going to be published on this blog.