I was looking for a job for the past few months. The nice thing about tech industry is that the job market is so hot, what if you are in the market, you are swarmed with people who want you!

That is a really nice feeling. Feeling of being wanted, talked to and getting attention. Even though, it can get frustrating at times.

Most of the people who call you are going to be recruiters, or head hunters as they call them. They are hunting for your head, which is a little frightening, but you know, after all programmer only worth their heads!

As I mentioned talking to ten different recruiter at times can be tiresome in general, but on top of that, most of the recruiters are quite inefficient on what they do. This not only wastes their time, but also is wasting job seekers time, and builds up frustration.

Most of the time, recruiter will start by complementing your resume and experience, which is nice. But sometimes the complement is so rudimentary and baked, that developer feels insulted!